jewellery report

Large and Medium Jewellery reports

- FGA and DGA qualified graders
- High quality picture on all reports
- Full analysis of item including metal
- Ability to correspond gem/diamond report to jewellery report
- Online report verification
- Providing your client with confidence in their jewellery purchase

Jewellery reports are becoming increasingly sought after in the retail environment as more and more customers seek reassurance on their potential purchases. While it is more common for loose stones to carry certificates, here at IGR we have found a solution to providing a cost effective and astute method of giving your customer that peace of mind. We offer grading of an entire piece of stone-set jewellery and will provide you with a jewellery report on this item. The report will identify and state the range of grades (both colour and clarity) for the diamonds or an identification of the gemstones in the piece. This allows you to provide your item of jewellery with a passport detailing all of the piece's unique characteristics - effectively giving the item it’s very own identity.