Over 20 years of experience in all aspects of a constantly changing industry means we understand you and your business, whether its retail, wholesale or manufacturing.


We are an independent diamond and gemstone laboratory devoted to providing the finest, most stringent and impartial grading services.

Our laboratory is teeming with the latest equipment and we have the most experienced and highly qualified FGA / DGA / GG graders in the UK. This ensures that not only can we provide you with an efficient service, but we can also still adhere to the stringent quality standards set by ourselves.

Our priority is you, therefore we strive to give you the highest quality of service, an exceptional grading standard and an outstanding product to provide your clients with.

IGR allow you to rest assured in your purchase and pass that confidence on to your client. We work with retailers, wholesalers, traders and manufacturers the world over providing support and assurance throughout the jewellery supply chain.

We create great relationships with all our clients allowing us to give the personal touch with every service we provide. All this generates a level of trust that is, in our eyes, compulsory when it comes to choosing your laboratory.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager when you register with us, and this person will be available to you at all times for any queries you may have or any advice you need.

We are based in Clerkenwell please email or call us to discuss your gemmological needs.

why us

- No registration fees
- Fully insured
- Thorough grading and detailed reports
- Second to none service
- Exceptional quality reports
- Fast turnaround
- Expert Advice on diamonds and gemstones within all aspects of the industry
process timeline

Customer submission

We fill in a customer submission form for your diamonds, gemstones or jewellery items, establishing the service(s) you require e.g the type of report / any treatments required. We book your items in and provide a quote for completion date/time. To ensure unbiased grading, each item has a unique reference number so the gemologist will not know the details of to whom the item belongs. We then securely store items until the gemologist is ready to grade them.

identifying the stone

The gemologist begins the process of compiling a report by firstly testing the stone to identify exactly what stone it is; diamond, emerald, sapphire, moissanite etc. The next step is to identify if the stone is completely natural and/or treated. The latest tools, technology and testing methods are utilised at this stage.


The stone, once identified can now be graded for its attributes and properties. At this stage the cut, polish and symmetry of loose diamonds will be tested using state of the art machinery which will measure the facet angles and positions. This detailed analysis will be included in your report.

Accuracy and Consistency

In order to ensure accuracy and consistency of grading, the processes will be repeated a minimum of two more times, each time by a different highly experienced IGR gemologist.

Making your report

We will then produce the report for your item. Different items require different information & identification of unique characteristics - therefore requiring different reports. With a Diamond report we may mark any notable imperfections, whereas within a Gemstone or Jewellery report we take very high quality photos of the items.


Upon collection of your report, you will be required to present the receipt we provided at the start of the process. We cannot release any reports or items without the receipt for obvious security reasons. In the instance where an item is sent to us, we will return it to you using a recorded and insured delivery service.