diamond report

Large and Medium Diamond Reports

- GG, FGA & DGA qualified graders
- Full plotting diagram on all reports
- Consistent and stringent grading processes
- Testing for treatments and synthetic diamonds
- Online report verification
- Providing your client with confidence in their diamond purchase

Diamond grading is a very particular process and we follow the strictest guidelines when grading your diamonds. All diamonds are tested for any treatments using the latest equipment, technology and practices. All of our diamond graders have qualified from the most esteemed academies recognised the world over. This means you can rest assured that your diamonds will be inspected by some of the most talented and experienced graders in the country.

IGR offer mid size reports that offer basic information, including colour, clarity, finish & our full size reports that go more in depth include polish and symmetry. Both documents carry diagram plots and images. All of the diamonds we receive are fully insured and graded by qualified DGA graders.