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When it rained sapphires


The ancient myth about sapphires brings us back to when the world was young and fresh, the gods ruled from their sky-high heavenly place, the seventh heaven as they said. There was no place more desirable for people than to see with their own eyes the golden halls spread with unique gems, where eternal spring reigns and death retreats forever.


Although the gods didn't allow any mortals to their sacred land, they decided to share some of it, by taking a cup of the immortality drink and sprinkle it around the world. 


Falling down, the spray turned into gorgeous blue stones - sapphires.


The fact is that looking at the sparkling facets of sapphires; people saw there a reflection of paradise, true nirvana - for the heavenly skies did not torment them anymore because they had consolation.


Together with greatness, this stone brings with it humility of the inevitable and eternal wisdom, along with the hope that one day we will still see our seventh heaven.



Zhanna @ IGR London