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What are feather inclusions?


Few days ago, we had this 1.50 carat emerald cut diamond in the lab for a diamond report. It was established the gem had a feather inclusion, and we thought why not shed some light on this type of diamond inclusions and its properties.



·      Diamond inclusions are impurities that occur inside the gemstone. They are usually called flaws because their presence means the diamond cannot be graded as internally flawless. 


·      In grading reports, feather inclusion is a term that generally refers to cracks, fractures or breaks in a diamond resembling feathers.


·      Feather inclusions are among the most common inclusions to be found in a diamond.


·      Feather inclusions are the most difficult to see with your naked eye.


·      Feather inclusions usually have white appearance and often slim form.


·      In diagrams, feather inclusion is symbolized as ~.


·      Small feathers do not usually affect a diamond's durability.


·      Feathers can grow in size if they are subjected to a hard knock or everyday wear and tear.


·      Severe feathers can cause durability issues, especially if they are surface reaching or near the girdle area.



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