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27.85 Carat Pink Diamond Recovered In Russia


The world’s top diamond producer (by output in carats), Alrosa, has unearthed a 27.85 carat pink diamond. The diamond was found by Alrosa’s subsidiary, Almazy Anabara, in Russia’s Far East alluvial mines, measuring 22.47mm x 15.69mm x 10.9mm, and containing very few flaws. Alrosa has said that the largest pink diamond they had previously recovered was less that 4 carats in weight in 2012.



Coloured Diamonds have recently been setting records in auctions. In April, Sotheby’s sold the “Pink Star”, a 59.6 carat internally flawless pink diamond for $71.2 million, before that in May 2016 the “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond was sold at Christies for 56.8 million Swiss Francs.



In the past 8 years, Alrosa have only recovered 3 pink diamonds weighing more than 3 carats. In Alrosa’s statement they have said it could become the most expensive polished diamond in the history of the company if they do not decide to sell it as a rough stone.